Disable Browser Auto-Fill and Auto-Complete

Disable Browser Auto-Fill and Auto-Complete

Auto-Complete is a handy tool, and a great time saving feature if you are constantly filling in the same data. For example: an office administrator might have to type in their department address in every form they produce. Auto-complete will essentially "remember" this address, and will examine a form you are filling out to see if it can match the data with the fields in the form and pre-populate the fields.

However, when Auto-fill, or Auto-Complete is turned on in your browser settings, you can experience incorrect data being automatically inserted in form fields. You can tell this is active if you are filling in an online form and you start by entering your name and then suddenly the form appears to already have your street address, City and State as well as your phone number and email address or anything of that nature.

How does this setting affect OPS-COM?

When using OPS-COM to complete User Profile, we are filling out forms with information for other people that is different each time. Auto-complete can become a nuisance by filling in fields you don't want filled in or even popping data that you don't notice. This data gets saved in the profile by mistake. To avoid this issue, we suggest turning off this feature in your browser. 

See the screenshot below:

There are also some plug-ins that can cause this issue. Password keepers for example are essentially auto-complete utilities. If you are still experiencing similar auto-complete issues after turning off auto-complete you may want to review your installed plugins to see if turning them off fixes the problem.

How to Disable Auto-fill

Please find general instructions for checking and turning off your auto-complete settings based on various browsers below:

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