Unlink User and Vehicle

Unlink User and Vehicle

Users come and go in the system, and so do their associations to vehicles.  This page deals with the case of a user that is no longer associated to a vehicle.

To remove a vehicle from a user profile, follow the steps outlined below.

Perform a User Search to pull up the User's Profile that you wish to remove a vehicle from. 

Select the profile of the desired user from your user search, and click on the Vehicles tab.

The page will refresh, and the list of vehicles associated with the user will appear. 

The vehicle list gives administrators the ability to add, edit, create a DNTT, and/or delete a vehicle from a user's profile. 

Find the vehicle that you wish to remove from the user's profile, and click the X (located to the right). 

A confirmation pop-up window will appear. 

Click OK to confirm removing the associated vehicle, or click Cancel to return to the vehicle list without changing anything. 

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